KinectMapper is a semi advanced piece of software aimed at anyone who is interested in working with the output from the Kinect Xbox model 1414 (for now) in an efficient and highly structured way. It is made to facilitate the phase of programming that involves translating (mapping) the data flow from the Kinect to various output destinations such as MIDI, OSC and DMX. KinectMapper is basically a Max/MSP/Jitter patch and in fact it is not interfacingdirectly with the Kinect but rather through anonther software, the NI-mate ( It is not freeware but there is a free trial version that in fact should work fine with the KinectMapper. The NI-mate also supports other Kinect models on Windows

ows but only themodel 1414 on Mac for now.

KinectMapper is basically not dependent of any specific Kinect interface. I have chosen NImate for now since it is very easy to work with. It is however very easy to adapt the input to any kind of data flow coming from any kind of sensor input. For this reason you can also download the Max patch (which should work on both Mac and PC) and simply change the data input part of the patch and still use all the rest of the patch functionallity.