Floden av Glas

This was the first big piece I did for stage. Built around music, text-sound compositions, a large scale slideshow (15 computer controlled slide projectors), three dancers and a fakir on stage, this was a huge undertaking especially since the total budget for this piece was 1000 €. But friends helped me a lot to make this possible by working for free, borrowing things for the stage set etc. The choreography was done by Irene Hultman along with Efva Lilja and Kerstin Lindgren. Working with the fakir Salama (alias John Blixt) was a rather hilarious experience. During his last act in the show, he made many in the audience faint as he penetrated his cheeks with long and very thick needles. At the age of 80+ he is still active today.

The piece was premiered at the House of Culture (Kulturhuset) in Stockholm

“Rarely has our present time been interpreted with such a penetrating wish of honesty and with such brutal force...one is prepared to call Åke Parmeruds new multimedia show a key work of the genre as well as a milestone...”

Göteborgsposten (Gothenburg/Sweden) 1981