13-20 October  2007                    The Ai-Maako festival in Santiago de Chile.

                                                       1 hour concert with a mix of live and prerecorded music and video.       

                                                        Dreaming in Darkness   

                                                        La vie mécanique

                                                        Bows, arcs & the Arrow of time   

                                                        Coming out with junk


6-8 March 2008                             The Other Minds festival San Francisco

                                                         La vie mécanique

                                                         Dreaming in Darkness

9-18 June 2008                               Remix of Dreaming in Darkness for the WFS spatializing system at TU in Berlin.

29  July 2008                                  Premiere of the remix of Dreaming in Darkness at the Inventionen festival Berlin                             

27-29 September 2008                  Sonic Park II installation at Gunnebo Castle Göteborg

27-29 June 2008                             Festival for electro acoustic music in Cagliari, Sardinia

                                                        1 hour concert with music by Trevor Wishart,

                                                        Natasha Barrett & Federico Shumacher

                                                        played by Åke Parmerud.

1-5 October 2008                          Festival for electro acoustic music in Oaxaca, Mexico

                                                        La vie mécanique

                                                        Dreaming in Darkness

                                                        New interactive performance for 1 actor and computer

                                                        Live improvised performance with Miller Pucket

                                                        Workshops together with Karl-Heimz Essel

October 2008                                World Music Days in Vilnius

                                                       Bows, Arcs and the Arrow of Time (String orchestra & video)

28 November 2008                        Parmerud receives one of the produktion Gigahertz prizes at

                                                        ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany


January 2009                                Composing ”Broken Silence” for Saxophone and computer for Jörgen Petterson.

5 February 2009                            Premiere of String quintet #1 commissioned by The Royal Academy of Music

                                                        and Musik i Uppland. Written for Uppsala chamber soloists

3 March 2009                                Parmerud receives the Qwartz Pierre Schaeffer Award in Paris

4-24 May 2009                              Composing Crystal Counterpoint at and for IMEB Bourges

3-24 August 2009                        Composing ”ReVoiced” at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany

26 Aug - 8 Sept                            Festivals in Bahia Blanca and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                                                       La vie mécanique

                                                       Crystal Counterpoint

                                                       along with academic session and workshop

28 September 2009                      World Music Days in Växjö, Sweden

                                                       Rituals (world premiere) with Cikada Ensemble

29 October 2009                           Live EBU performance at Malmö Radio of ”Razor Sky”

1 November 2009                       Premiere of ”Nude Descending a Staircase” with Gageego Ensemble in

                                                      Gothenburg, Sweden.

11 November 2009                     Presentation and concert at Conservatoire de Montreal

                                                      Student diffusion of:

                                                      Repulse, Alias, La vie mécanique & Les Objets Obscures

                                                      Parmerud diffusion of Crystal Counterpoint

28 November 2009                     Premiere of ”ReVoiced” at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany

4 December 2009                        Full evening concert in Köln, Germany



                                                       Les Objets Obscures

                                                       String Quartet

                                                       Dreaming in Darkness

                                                       La vie mécanique

                                                       Crystal Counterpoint


12 February 2010                        Recording of ”Rituals” with Cikada Ensemble in Oslo, Norway

17 February 2010                        Recording of ”Mirage” with Cikada Ensemble in Oslo, Norway

27 March 2010                             Live performance at ”Precence Electronique” in Paris

2 April 2010                                 Live performance at Qwartz price ceremony in Paris

15 April 2010                               Premiere of a new dance theatre piece by Mireille Leblanc

                                                       Sonography and music by Parmerud

8 April 2010                                 Åke Parmerud receives the Ton Brunyel prize

24 may-7 june 2010                     Remix of ”Crystal Counterpoint” for the ZKM klangdome

October 2010                               Opening of the new Scandic Hotel in Berlin with sound installations

                                                      by Audiotechture

4-7 November  2010                   Performance during the  Morelia electro acoustic festival, Mexico

8-11 November 2010                  Concert at Sociaacusia in Tonalá, Guadalajara, Mexico

12-24 November  2010               Composing a new piece for the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City

29 November 2010                     Åke Parmerud receives the ”Bo Wallner Prize” from the Royal Academy of Music


1-15 March  2011                        Running a preliminary test of a new training method for stroke patients using a

                                                     virtual walking environment at Högsbo Hospital, Gothenburg.

1-3 April 2011                            Attending the Qwartz festival and showcase in Paris.

6 May  2011                              ”Lucid Spaces” an 8 channel sound installation at Oscar Fredriks Kyrka, Gothenburg.

7-21 May  2011                          Creating ”Grooves”, a new piece for 43 channels at ZKM, Karlsruhe.

1-30 August  2011                    Creating ”Necropolis - City of the Dead”, a new electro acoustic piece for 8 channels                                       

                                                    commisioned by INA-GRM in Paris

2-19 September  2011              Preparing a comission by Borealis Festival in Bergen, Norway for choir, electronics and


23 September  2011                  Premiere of ”Necropolis - City of the Dead” in Paris.

28 September  2011                  Recording session and workshop in Bergen, Norway.

30 September 2011                   Concert at ”EarZoom” festival Ljublijana, Slovenia.

7-30 October                             Grand Mexican tour.

7 October                                  Concert in Puebla

15 October                                Concert and workshop in Oaxaca

19 October                                Concert and workshop in Mexico City

21 October                                Concert in San Luis Potosi

22 October                                Electronica concert in San Luis Potosi

24 October                                Concert in Puebla

27 October                                Concert in Leon

28 October                                Concert in Guanajuato during Festival Cervantino

30 October                                Concert in Leon

1-30 November  2011              Composing a new piece for Borealis Festival (mentioned earlier)

10  December 2011                  Playing ”Grooves” at the Geiger Festival Gothenburg


1 Jan - 15 feb                Composing ”Transmissions” for the Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway

17 March                      Premiere of ”Transmissions” with Kor Vest

13-26 April                  Touring in Colombia

1-25 May                      Concerts in Guadalajara and Mexico City. Residency in Centro de las Artes

                                      in San Luis Potosi together with Mireille Leblanc.

1-21 August                 Creating a new interactive dance/video/sound installation at ZKM, Karlsruhe

                                       together with Mireille Leblanc

7-8 October                  Concert in Valparaiso, Chile.

12-14 October              Concert in Santiago de Chile.

18-21 October              Concert in Valdivia, Chile.

24 November               Performance with Mireille Leblanc. at ZKM.


Januari - April            Developing new music and interactive software for the new dance/music/media show

                                    ”Metamorphos” to be premiered in May at Atalante, Gothenburg.

                                    Preparing material for a new comission from GRM, Paris.

                                    Preparing material for a guitar concerto for Mats Bergström comissioned by Jönköping


March 12                    Performing in the Geiger Noisefest, Gothenburg.

May 3-5                      Premiere and performances of Metamorphos at Atalante

August                       Working with a team of programmers from Chalmers to prepare an interactive installation

                                    for the ending of the Venice Biennale and a performance in Calcutta.

September                  Working at GRM in Paris to create the new piece ”Electric Birds”

October 1-4                Working with the Celestial Mekaniks group to prepare a show for 2014

October 5-30              Countinued work with the installation ......

November                  Music by Parmerud used by renowned choreographer Angelin Preljocaj in ”La Stravaganza”

                                     at the New Your City Ballet

November 23-25       Solo concerts at festival Espace du Son in Brussels

December 5-6            Solo concerts and lecture at Cologne University

December 14             Anniversery concert at Atalante