The living room

This interactive installation creates a room that comes alive with the actions and comments by its viewers. A wooden sculpture at the center of the room in the shape of a huge fruit with a female front and a male end, ”feels” the presence of the viewer. If it is touched, it responds emotionally either with a positive, negative or introvert attitude. As the hands moves along the back of the fruit the voice is modulated so that the closer to the female part one gets the more male like the voice becomes and vice versa. All sounds occurring in the room is recorded using directional microphones and are replayed in a loop 20 minutes long. In this way all sounding events are ”memorised” and accumulated by the room itself. As if ”the walls had ears”. There are sensitive zones in the room where the presence of a viewer will provoke different auditive responses and finally a pair of eyes are constantly monitoring all actions, following the moves of anybody in front of them.

The video documentation was done at the Swedish Cultural Center (Centre Culturel Suedois) in Paris 2001.

Unfortunately the control computer for the eyes broke down that very day so the motion tracking did not work during recording.